About Us:

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Casey Gittings

Co-Owner/Restoration Specialist

Current Rides: 88 Double Cab, 62 Double Cab

Some would say he is obsessed, others extremely passionate. With a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Design, Casey has a rich background in welding, fabrication, mechanics and design. For over a decade he has been restoring volkswagens and porsche’s. His strong attention to detail allows him to create stunning restorations.He views all of his projects as works of art and treats them as if they were one from his own personal collection.

Chuck Gittings


Licensed Auctioneer

For over 35 years Chuck has been buying, selling and restoring vehicles. He spends his days searching for potential restoration projects and coordinating current restorations in the shop. Personally owning and restoring many Porsche’s, Mercedes, Mg’s, Vw’s, Alfa’s and Bmw’s Chuck enjoys communicating and helping customers with all their needs.